About Us

As long as Gary Sr. can remember, he has loved animals and pets. He can’t imagine not having animals running around his house. He has enjoyed having just about every type of animal you can imagine including dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens and even lizards. Gary and his wife, Karen adopted their first Shih Tzu, “Ewok”, in 1990 from a local breeder. They also helped this breeder in breeding and whelping Shih Tzu’s and Toy Poodles. Eventually, the local breeder retired and moved away. Gary and Karen still had our precious Ewok until she passed away at the age of 14. They were deeply saddened by her passing as she was very special to them.

Gary's love of dogs, especially Shih Tzus, drove him to become a Shih Tzu rescuer for New England. During this time, Gary and Karen adopted Scooby, from Concord, New Hampshire and about a year later, they adopted Shaggy from Woonsocket, RI. Then more adoptions - Bella, Chloe, Ken, Morticia, and Callie. Like the saying goes “Shih Tzus are like potato chips, you can’t have just one”. Finally, they found that they loved Shih Tzus so much that they decided to raise them and let others share the joy of living with these wonderful dogs.

The GMK Family is the best in raising Shih Tzus as can be seen in this testimony of their veterinarian.