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Puppy 23 (adopted)

All of our puppies are hand raised, handled, played with and loved many hours each day. By the time our puppies are ready to go to their forever homes, they have become well adjusted to people and other dogs. Socialization is so important to the well being of the dogs and this is an invaluable service that we provide. Come by to visit and you will see how well adjusted all of our dogs are.

We only have a few litters a year, so reserving your puppy is a must. All puppies are born here, never bought and re-sold. When you buy a puppy from us you must agree to not re-sell to a pet store, broker or puppy mill. Our puppies are adopted with limited registration so they can not be used for breeding. Our main goal is for our puppies to go to homes where they can live long, healthy and happy lives.

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